De Vries & Metman is a leading patent law firm with offices in Amsterdam, Arnhem, and Eindhoven. With over thirty staff members, including seventeen patent attorneys, we support all kinds of clients in protecting their technology, from start-ups, via SMEs and large Dutch companies, to multinationals, but also universities and other research centres. We frequently work together with lawyers in patent proceedings before the courts in The Hague and we regularly act before the European Patent Office in Munich and The Hague. According to an independent assessment, De Vries & Metman is the benchmark for patent attorneys in patent litigation.

Due to rapid growth of our office, we are looking for two new colleagues:
Trainee patent attorney ICT/Electronics

electrical engineer or computer scientist (MSc, PhD), with an affinity for new digital technologies such as IoT, quantum computing, and AI

Trainee patent attorney Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineer (MSc, PhD), with an affinity for, amongst other things, measurement and control engineering, civil engineering, consumer products, and medical instruments 

As a patent attorney, you work at the interface of technology and law. You work together with your clients
to, on the one hand, protect their inventions and, on the other, to circumvent or destroy third-party patents.
You have to deal with technical, but also strategic and commercial considerations for your client.
In addition to the technical and legal aspects of your work, you will spend time maintaining, building and
expanding business relationships.

Gedurende de eerste jaren zal je een postacademische deeltijdopleiding volgen tot Nederlands en Europees

During your first years as a patent attorney, you will follow a postgraduate training (part-time) to become
a Dutch and European patent attorney. Experienced colleagues will mentor you during this time.

You have:
  • a great interest in the latest developments in your field of technology
  • legal affinity
  • strongly developed analytical skills, and the ability to present your findings at all levels in word and writing in Dutch or English, whether it is to the inventor, the patent office, the judge, or your client
  • an eye for detail, but also for the big picture
  • a cleint-oriented attitude, enthusiasm, and creativity
  • the ability to function both independently and in a team

We offer:
  • an inspiring job in a pleasant working environment with excellent primary and secondary terms of employment
  • an office that is small enough not to be a number and, upon proven suitability, to be able to participate in all types of work, but large enough to have room for specialisation
  • great colleagues, and guidance from people who value your development

For more information, please contact Ferry van Looijengoed (ICT) or Arnt Aalbers (Mech. Eng.) at +31 (0)20 5110930. You can send your application to (ICT) or to (Mech. Eng.).