Protecting innovation in ICT, Electronics and High-Tech

Our ICT and High-Tech Group has a wealth of experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, as well as in opposition and appeal procedures and litigation support. Our attorneys feel as much at ease drafting and prosecuting patents at the forefront of technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, as they do litigating standard essential patents (SEPs) in fields like telecom and video encoding. Their fields of expertise range from hardware for wireless communication, to software implementations for medical technologies, to user interfaces for consumer electronics. Naturally, our services also include infringement analysis, freedom-to-operate, due diligences, licensing and IP strategy advice.

ICT, Electronics & High Tech

Technologies in which we are active:

  • Software and computer-implemented inventions
  • Telecommunications, multimedia, and coding standards
  • Wireless sensors and sensor networks
  • Imaging and display techniques
  • Big data, Internet of things, and cryptography
  • Artificial intelligence including deep learning
  • Augmented and virtual reality technology
  • Quantum computing (hardware and software)
  • Photonics, lithography, and semiconductor technology
  • Utilities and green technologies including solar and smart metering

“Ferry van Looijengoed is a physics and materials science double graduate with rich technical and legal expertise, making him an ideal match for contentious briefs. Cut from similarly fine cloth, Erik Visscher has a PhD in semiconductor physics and is a former EPO examiner and De Brauw lawyer.” IAM (2020)

Patent portfolios

Our attorneys are highly experienced in building and managing patent portfolios for the most important jurisdictions in the world. They both enjoy tackling challenging patent areas such as computer-implemented inventions regarding AI and user interfaces as well as litigating standard essential patent (SEPs) in the field of telecom and video coding. We help high-tech start-ups in stealth mode that are active in the forefront of digital technologies to analyse the patent landscape, to find patenting opportunities and threats, and build a strong patent portfolio. Whether the challenge lies in understanding new technologies, or in defending inventiveness of a small improvement in a crowded patent landscape, our attorneys are up to the task.

Many of our attorneys have industry experience and understand the need of the clients, whether they are multinationals, academic institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises or independent research organisations. We help you to implement a patent policy that fits the overall strategy of your business and we assist in creating patent awareness throughout your organisation.

“De Vries & Metman is one of the best firms for patent prosecution and litigation support work.” MIP (2020)

Complex multi-jurisdictional litigation support

We have consistently participated in almost all electronics patent cases of the last decade before the Dutch Courts, assisting both patent proprietors and alleged infringers. We know what works. This has also allowed us to build in-depth knowledge about standards and the standardization process. We can easily interface with both experts and patent lawyers in complex, often multi-jurisdictional, patent litigation cases.

“Ferry van Looijengoed has an outstanding reputation for mobile communication disputes.” Juve-patents (2020)

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